Create, Manage and Distribute Video all via your smart phone

Vivod is a complete content creation and management platform that provides a seamless experience allowing anyone to easily and instantly create quality video content by using their smart phone or tablet from anywhere, anytime and send that video through telco or wireless networks to your Vivod account for editing/re-purposing in High Definition.

Asset Management

Content can be sent directly from your smart phone to your own secure and discrete Vivod Asset Management Library to be edited, stored and managed, then distributed with other digital assets. (No need to upload to YouTube and have your customers ambushed by competitors)

Video Direct Mail

The unique Vivod ecosystem's integrated vDM (Video Direct Marketing/Messaging) solution allows users to create campaigns where the produced content can be directly emailed through any network to recipients.

Vivod - Create, Manage and Distibute Video

Realtime Analytics

The vDM sender receives real-time analytics to determine who has opened and discretely reports how long each recipient has watched and engaged with their video message. Perfect for timely re-engaging with recipients.

Vivod - Create, Manage and Distibute Video

Additionally you can share socially or embed your videos directly into your own websites or blogs.


  • Download the Vivod app from the App Store
  • Shoot high definition, broadcast quality video content using your iphone or tablet
  • Upload your videos by sending directly through telco or wifi networks to your secure, discrete Vivod Asset Management Library for storing, editing or distribution


  • Store new or existing video content in your own Vivod Asset Management Library
  • Add audio tracks, images and documents to keep everything in one place
  • Edit, Review, revise, approve, protect and add for storage in your digital asset library for approved usage, sharing and distribution


  • Share your Vivod video messages in various formats from tailored vDMs (Video Direct Marketing/Messaging) sent by email, social media uploads direct from platform, links for embedding into websites and/or blogs, and/or posts on your personalised Vivod TV channel.
  • Track real-time distribution analytics from your smart device or account from anywhere at anytime to see who has opened and viewed and for how long.
  • Protect your distribution with approval gateways built into the platform.

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Special Features

Vivod Media Solutions provides a complete ecosystem from mobile apps to acquire your content through to post-production, digital asset management and distribution strategies that best suit your business. You can self-manage your own company-branded accounts in a secured global environment.

Create content your way

Vivod's white-labelled mobile apps feature an integrated Teleprompta™, HD videos, audio and photos that can upload securely and directly to your Vivod account.

vDM not EDM

Rather than sending static EDM's use Vivod's Video Direct Marketing/Messaging (vDM) templates to replace static pictures with video and sound for far greater impact. Our templates make it simple to create professional results.


Vivod Teleprompta™ allows amateurs to look as professional as newsreaders … Simply type your script or copy and paste it into your Vivod mobile app. You are now ready to present like a professional.

Access your media anytime, anywhere

Our unique platform allows you to build projects for editing, campaigns for vDMs or Social Media uplift or add content directly to your bespoke OTT solution.

Take control of your platform

Vivod allows you to create video content in remote locations and immediately send through the telco and wifi networks for review and editing, two way feedback and approval from anywhere in the world.

Target your market your way

Our integrated distribution platform enables multimedia bundling for your business that drives messaging to your target audience.

Quality editing delivered quickly

Vivod provides all the Video editing and project management tools to allow you to DIY or have our creative team finish content with music, graphics and titles polished to professional and broadcast standards.

Measure the impact

Vivod's real-time data analytics and effectiveness measurement tools allow instant feedback and analysis by recipient to indicate who has watched and for how long.


Where to start?

Right here! Here are the 3 foundations we offer to build your brand equity quickly and cost-effectively...


The Vivod mobile app produces high defintion video and photo content from any where and at any time. With the built in Teleprompta™, you'll never be lost for words again. You can even invite Guest Contributors to use the app, without compromising security. Content submitted from the Vivod app is encrypted and securely delivered to your project management library, ready for editing. You can also directly upload other content into the platform account to add to your projects.


Your platform account is the central hub for all your activies including content management, editing projects, digital asset management functions, user management and account management. For editing projects, you can share these for editing with Vivod Creative Services or with members of your own team. You're in control of your account at all times and can decide who contributes to respective successful outcomes and choose specific access privileges for your secured media.


When it comes to distribution in Vivod, you are already there. Once your content is approved and automatically transferred to your digital asset management library, you decide the best course of action to distribute via websites, blogs, social channels or vDMs (Video Direct Marketing/Messaging). With integrated subscriber management and deep dive analytics, Vivod enables your business to accurately measure subscriber engagement for each and every subscriber.


Here are some examples of how businesses have used a Vivod Media solution to build their brand. With Vivod Media, you don't have to be a professional to get professional results.